About Matthew and Robin (2)

The new Cormoran Strike title was revealed – it’s Lethal White. I jokingly tweeted that it could be about Robin (in white as a bride) killing Matthew and I got a number of excited replies and retweets – people really don’t like the guy! I am so so glad readers see right through Matthew’s harmful behaviour. So refreshing to have this sort of unhealthy dynamic presented critically for once, instead of being sold as romantic or just regular relationship stuff we all have no choice but to deal with. Matthew is an insecure man threatened by his girlfriend having a life outside their domesticity and it’s fantastic to have this all too common dynamic explored in mainstream literature as something unhealthy. I honestly can’t think of another novel with a couple like them – a couple that I see frequently in real life. Fictional couple problems seem to mostly revolve around infidelity, growing old, growing apart or the woman being too boring/cold/mentally ill. It’s great when socially engaged authors with a sharp eye for the micro expressions of injustice and inequalities write popular literature.


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